Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ahco Development 2: Concept of 'Elephant'

Even though I had strong interest & desire to study animation, there wasn't any school that offered animation classes in Korea in the early 90s. So I went to the Art College and studied Painting, while I found every possible way to learn how to create 'moving images'. Gathering all information from all sources, I was able to make a few films, one of which is my undergraduate thesis project, 'Circus', 1996.

There was one sequence that I didn't get to complete due to the deadline of the thesis review. (I was shooting thousands of cels and papers under 35mm back then, so I could't simply 'add' afterwards.), which was the 'Elephant' sequence.

After graduating the school with Painting degree, I decided to pursue further study in Animation and prepared the applications for the graduate schools in US.

One of applications materials was the development of a new film.
As I mentioned in the previous posting... I found the note about the Cheetah brothers, while I was searching for a new idea for the next film. I watched a lot of documentaries for the research and found out that elephants (well, all animals in the wild life...) have the similar stories as the Cheetahs.
Predators, territories, love of the herds, and circle of life... etc.

Therefore, there was my concept of 'Life of an elephant'