Friday, August 20, 2010

Father and Sister: list of screenings

Best Animation: Jersey Shore Film Festival
Honorable mention: The 58th Columbus Int'l Film + Video Festival 
Golden Reel Award: Nevada Film Festival

Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, MI, US) Feb. 19-28
Beverly Hills Short Film Festival (Beverly Hills, US) Mar. 18-21
Tiburon Int’l Film Festival (Tiburon, CA, US) Mar. 18-26
Edgemar Short Film Festival (Santa Monica, CA, US) Mar. 26-28
FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood Online Contest (LA, CA, US) Apr. 7-May 19
Tallahassee Film Festival (Tallahassee, FL, US) Apr. 8-11
- Finalist in 'Best Animation' Award
Citrus Cel Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US) Apr. 9-11
Humboldt Film Festival (Arcata, CA, US) Apr. 18-24
Memphis Int'l Film Fest (Memphis, TN, US) Apr. 22-25
Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival (Palm Beach, FL, US) Apr. 22-26
East Carolina Film Festival (Greenville, NC, US) Apr. 24-30
LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (LA, CA, US) Apr. 29-May 8
South Bend Film Festival (South Bend, IN, US) Apr. 30-May 1
The Connecticut Film Festival (Danbury, CT, US) May 4-9
Talking Pictures Festival (Evanston, IL, US) May 7-9
Tupelo Film Festival (Tupelo, MS, US) May 13-15
Twin Rivers Media Festival (Asheville, NC, US) May 28-30
Artfest Film Festival (Harrisburg, PA, US) May 28-31
Ohio Independent Film Festival (Cleveland, OH, US) Jun. 1-4
New Hope Film Festival (New Hope, PA, US) Jun. 21-27
Nickel Independent Film Festival (St. John's, Canada) Jun. 22-26
Jersey Shore Film Festival (Deal, NJ, US) Jun. 27-Jul. 18
Long Island Int'l Film Expo (Long Island, NY, US) Jul. 9-18
Gallery of Animation (Long Beach, CA, US) Jul. 15
Asian American Int'l Film Festival (NY, NY, US) Jul 15-24
Okanagan Int'l Film Festival (Kelowna, BC, Canada) Jul. 21-25
Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, MA, US) Jul. 31-Aug 7
Sacramento Film and Music Festival (Sacramento, CA, US) Aug. 6-15
Washougal Int'l Film Festival (Washougal, WA, US) Aug. 11-15
Landlocked Film Festival (Iowa City, IA, US) Aug. 26-29
Central Florida Film Festival (Orlando, FL, US) Sep. 3-6 
The Rome Int'l Film Festival (Rome, GA, US) Sep. 10-11
Twini Mini Film Festival (Twinsburg, OH, US) Sep. 14
Maelstrom Int'l Fantastic Film Festival (Seattle, WA, US) Sep. 17-19
Commffest Community Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) Sep. 22-27
Great Lakes Int'l Film Festival (Erie, PA, US) Sep. 22-29
SoCal Independent Film Festival (Huntington Beach, CA, US) Sep. 26-Oct. 3
FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia Online Contest (Philadelphia, PA, US) Sep.-Oct.
San Diego Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US) Sep. 29- Oct. 3
Indie Ani-Fest (Seoul, Korea) Sep. 30-Oct. 5
GIAA Festival of Short Films & Videos (Manhattan, NY, US) Oct. 1-3
Kansas Int'l Film Festival (Overland Park, KS, US) Oct. 1-7
Eugene Int'l Film Festival (Eugene, OR, US) Oct. 7-10
Tacoma Film Festival (Tacoma, WA, US) Oct. 7-14
DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (Washington D.C, US) Oct. 7-16
New Orleans Film Festival (New Orleans, LA, US) Oct. 14-21
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Santa Fe, NM, US) Oct. 19-24
Hollywood Film Festival (Beverly Hills, CA, US) Oct. 22-25
Tindirindis International Animation Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania) Oct. 25-31
Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (Erie, PA, US) Nov. 8-12
-Nominated for the 'Best Animation' Award
Poppy Jasper Film Festival (Morgan Hill, CA, US) Nov. 12-14
Columbus Int'l Film + Video Festival (Columbus, OH, US) Nov. 16-21
Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey) Dec. 16-19
Animacall (Thessaloniki, Greece) Mar. 30-May 1
Animabasauri 7 Animabasque (Bilbao, Spain) Apr. 1-7
San Francisco International Women's Film Festival Online (San Francisco, CA, US) Apr. 6-10
Herning Int'l Short Film Festival (Herning, Denmark) May 13
Seoul Int'l Cartoon and Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea) Jul. 20-24
Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, WY, US) Aug. 11-13
Mumia-Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) Sep. 7-30
The Columbus International Film and Video Festival "Greatest Hits" (Columbus, Ohio, US) Feb. 1
Festival Cine B (Chile) Nov. 23 - 30

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'Father and Sister' at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Programmers' picks:
This clever, funny, and endearing animated short is engaging from start to finish. It goes to show that the convent isn't entirely "dead."