Monday, January 20, 2014

'AHCO ON THE ROAD': a list of screenings

Awards & Nominations: 
Best Short Narrative - Monarch Film Festival
Best Animation - Hyart Film Festival
Honorable Mention - Los Angeles Animation Festival
Nominated for the Friese Award - 31st Hamburg International Short Film Festival
Nominated for Best Animation - Carmel International Film Festival

Aug. 4: The 10th San Diego International Children’s Film Festival (San Diego, California, US)
Aug. 10-12:  The 6th New Orleans International Children’s Film Festival (New Orleans, Louisiana, US)
Sep. 26-30:  The 9th Indie-AniFest: Korean Independent Animation Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Oct. 2-6:  The 3rd Days and Nights Festival (Carmel, California, US)
Nov. 14-24:  The 22nd St. Louis International­ Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US)
Nov. 23-24:  Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Dec. 6-15:  The 13th Anchorage International Film Festival (Anchorage, Alaska, US)
Dec. 14-15:  LACMA: The 9th Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival (Los angeles, California, US)
Dec. 15- Jan. 15:  The Film Skillet Winter 2013/2014 Animation Contest: Finalist

Jan. 23- Feb. 2:  The 10th Children’s Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)
Jan. 24- Feb. 9: The 1st Lisbon Children and Youth Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
Jan. 25-26: The 30th USA Film Festival: KidFilm (Dallas, Texas, US)
Jan. 30- Feb. 9: The 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (Santa Barbara, California, US)
Feb. 1-9:  The 36th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Feb. 13-23: The 5th Providence Children Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island, US)
Feb. 18-23: The 36th Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, Illinois, US)
Feb. 20-23: Animac: Mostra Internacional de Cinema d'Animacio de Catalunya (Lleida, Spain)
Feb. 22-23: The 16th BAMKids International Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York, US)
Mar. 6-30:  The 16th  Mecal International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) 
Mar. 9-14:  The 18th  Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages (Winnipeg, Canada)
Apr. 4-11:  The 16th Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Apr. 10:  Honolulu Museum of Art (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)
Apr. 18-20: Comic-Con- San Diego International: Children's Film Festival (San Diego, California, US)
May 12-18: The 5th Golden Kuker-Sofia International Children's Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria)
May 27-31: The 7th Tissa Short Film Festival (Tissa, Morroco)
Jun. 1-9: The 16th Mo & Friese Hamburg Children's Short Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany)
Jun. 6-7: The 10th Blue Plum Animation Festival (Johnson City, Tennessee, US) 
Jun. 18-22: The 7th International Animation Festival Fest Anca (Zilina, Slovakia)
Jul. 1-31: The 9th California Animation Festival (Central California Broadcasting event, US)
Jul. 22-29: The 20th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Jul. 27- Aug. 1: The 4th Supertoon Animation Festival (Zagreb, Croatia)
Jul. 29- Aug. 3: The 10th Traverse City Film Festival (Traverse City, MI, US)
Aug. 22-24: The 15th Sacramento Film & Music Festival (Sacramento, CA, US)
Oct. 2-5: The 7th Animasyros Int'l Animation Festival + Forum (Syros Island, Greece)
Oct. 2-12: The 37th Mill Valley Film Festival (Mill Valley/San Rafael, CA, US)
Oct. 3-12: The 9th Anim'est Int'l Animation Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania)
Oct. 15-19: The 6th Carmel Int'l Film Festival (Carmel, CA, US)
Oct. 23-28: The 7th Banjaluka Int'l Animated Film Festova; (Banjaluka, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Nov. 6-15: The 14th San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US)
Nov. 8-23: Animatic: Muestra De Cine De Animacion (Pamplona, Spain)
Nov. 18-23: Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
Dec. 2-9: Bogota Short Film Festival (Bogota, Columbia)
Dec. 10-11: The 3rd Monarch Film Festival (Pacific Grove, CA, US)
All year around:  The 5th WorldKids International Film Festival (Mumbai, India)
All year around: PUCK cinema (traveling cities in Spain)
All year around: Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation (traveling cities in US)


Jan. 13-15: REELKids Film Festival (Peterborough, Canada)
Jan. 16-25: Black Movie: Geneva International Independent Film Festival (Geneva, Switzerland)
Feb. 7-8: The 6th Int'l Kinder Film Festival (Miyagi, Japan)
Feb. 27-28: Anymasyros Touring Festival (Greece)
Mar. 11-15: Festival Regard sur le court metrage (Quebec, Canada)
Mar. 25: Monterey Museum of Art (Monterey, CA, US)
Mar. 26-Apr. 1: Athens ANIMFEST (Athens, Greece)
Apr. 14-19: The 27th FilmFest Dresden International Short Film Festival (Dresden, Germany)
Apr. 12: International Children's Film Festival/ Manisa-Usak (Istanbul, Turkey)
May 7-14: Green Film Festival in Seoul (Seoul, Korea)
May 29 -Jun. 4: The 55th Zlin Film Festival (Zlin, Czech Republic)
Jun. 27: Shastaland Children's Film Festival (Redding, CA, US)
Jul. 16-Aug.4: Fantasia International Film Festival (Quebec, Canada)
Sep. 11 -13 IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival (Malmo, Sweden)
Sep. 24 - 27 Festival de cinema des gens d'ici (Val d'Or, Canada)
Oct. 24 - Nov. 30 International Festival of Animation Arts, 'Multivision' (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Oct. 29 - Nov. 02 BOGOSHORTS: Bogota Short Film Festival (Bogota, Columbia)
Dec. 1 - 31: The 13th Mumia Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Dec. 5 - 15: The 7th Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (Erie, Pennsylvania, US)
Dec. 12 - 13: The 8th Animasyros 'Best of selection-US produced independent shorts' (Larissa, Greece)
Dec.  La Turbine: The Cultural Center 'Evasion' (Lyon, France)


Mar. 1-3: Durango Independent Film Festival (Durango, Colorado, US)
Mar. 24 - 27 Tulsa Overground Film & Music Festival (Tulsa, OK, US)
May 4 - 7 The 12th Rencontres entre le mondes (Chabeuil, France)
Jun. 18 - 20 The 7th Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, Wyoming, US)
Jul. 19 - 24 The 11th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Jul. 19 - Aug. 16 The 1st International Children's Media Center (Chicago, Illinois, US)
Jul. 22 - 28 The 4th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Sep. 29 - Oct. 2 The 5th Watsonville Film Festival (Watsonville, California, US)
Oct. 22-23 Tent Family Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Nov. 4 - 10 The 16th Kansas International Film Festival (Overland Park, Kansas, US)
Oct. ~ Jan. 17' MUMIA contemporary animations - 'Best of MUMIA' (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Monthly screening series: OZARK Short (Lamar, Missouri, US)


Mar. 14 -19 The 23rd San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (San Luis Obispo, California)


Apr. 13 -21 The 13th Rencontres du Film Court de Madagasikara (Madagasikara)
Apr. 30  The 4th Faten Hamama Film Festival (Cairo, Egypt)
Jun. 23 Culture City of East Asia 2018 Busan (Busan, Korea)
July 25 - 27 ICMC International Children's Film Festival (Chicago, Illinois, US)

Modern Art museum Centre Pompidou (Paris, France)
'Naver Ani-Theatre': online program (Korea)
SBS: Seoul Broadcast Service network, 'Ani-World' (Korea)