Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A new film, "Hansel + Gretel"

My new film, an abstract visualization of Brothers Grimm's tale, "Hansel + Gretel" is complete!
I hope that you enjoy the film.

from YELLOWSHED on Vimeo.

Monday, November 17, 2014

'Hansel + Gretel' - a list of film festival screenings

Awards & Nominations:
Winner: Best Animation, The 14th Santa Cruz Film Festival
Winner: Best Animation, The 38th Big Muddy Film Festival
Winner: Hasbro Inc Special Hospital Jury Award, The 7th Providence Children's Film Festival
Nominated for Best Short Narrative: Monarch Film Festival
Nominated for Best Animation: Directors Circle Festival of Shorts

Jan. 22 - Feb. 7 The 10th Children's Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)
Mar. 26 - Apr. 1  The 10th Athens ANIMFEST (Athens, Greece)
May 20 & 22  Pickford Theatre: outreach program (Bellingham, Washington, US)
Jun. 21 - 28 The 15th Melbourne International Animation Festival (Melbourne, Australia)
Jul. 9 - 12  Comic-Con: The 12th San Diego Children's Film Festival (San Diego, California, US)
Jul. 26 - 31  The 5th Supertoon International Animation Festival (Sibenik, Croatia)
Sep. 17 - 22 The 11th Indie-AniFest (Seoul, Korea)
Sep. 24 - 27 The 8th Animasyros International Animation Festival (Hermoupolis, Syros island, Cyclades, Greece)
Oct. 8 - 15 The 10th Tacoma Film Festival (Tacoma, Washington, US)
Nov. 5 - 15 The 24th St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US)
Nov. 6 - 12 The 15th Kansas International Film Festival (Overland Park, Kansas, US)
Nov. 6 - 15 The 32nd Olympia Film Festival (Olympia, Washington, US)
Nov. 23 - 29 The 13th International Animation Festival Tindirindis (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Dec. 5 - 15 The 7th Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (Erie, Pennsylvania, US)
Dec. 7 - 13 The 12th Animateka International Animated Film Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Dec. 10 -11 The 4th Monarch Film Festival (Pacific Grove, California, US)
Dec. 1-31 The 13th Mumia Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Feb. 12 - 21 The 7th Providence Children's Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island, US)
Mar. 31 - Apr. 2 The 8th River Bend Film Festival (Goshen, Indiana, US)
Apr. 1 - 10 The 18th Sarasota Film Festival (Sarasota, Florida, US)
Apr. 21 -  24 The 16th DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (Washington DC, US)
Jun. 1 - 5 The 14th Santa Cruz Film Festival (Santa Cruz, California, US)
Jun. 16 - 18 The 7th Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, Wyoming, US)
Jun. 29 - Aug. 3 The 9th International Animation Festival Fest Anca (Zilina, Slovakia)
Jul. 30 - Aug. 6 The 25th Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, MA, US)
Sep. 2 - 4 The 11th Central Florida Film Festival (Orlando, Florida, US)
Sep. 9 - 10 The 1st Staunton International Film Festival (Staunton, Virginia, US)
Sep. 29 - Oct. 2 The 5th Watsonville Film Festival (Watsonville, California, US)
Oct. ~ Jan. 17' MUMIA contemporary animations - 'Best of MUMIA' tour (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Monthly screening series: OZARK Short (Lamar, Missouri, US)