Sunday, September 6, 2015

'Hansel + Gretel' & 'Noir' screenings at Indie-AniFest

My short films, and will be screened at the official competition at the 11th Indie-AniFest, Seoul, Korea (Sep. 16~22) I will be attending 19th Sat. & 20th Sun. screenings with Q & A. 
If anyone happens to be at the event, please stop by and say hello!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'Noir' - a list of film festival screenings

Nomination & Honor:
Nominated for Best Short Narrative: Monarch Film Festival
Selected for 'Best of the Fest': Children's Film Festival Seattle
Selected for 'Best of the Fest': Woods Hole Film Festival


Sep. 17 - 22 The 11th Indie-AniFest (Seoul, Korea) **
Nov. 5 - 15 The 24th St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US) **
Nov. 6 - 12 The 15th Kansas International Film Festival (Overland Park, Kansas, US) **
Nov. 6 - 15 The 32nd Olympia Film Festival (Olympia, Washington, US) **
Dec. 10 -11 The 4th Monarch Film Festival (Pacific Grove, California, US) **
Dec. 12 - 13 LACMA: The 11th Los Angeles Children's Film Festival (LA, California, US)
Jan. 21 - 31 The 11th Children's Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)
Feb. 12 - 21 The 7th Providence Children's Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island, US) **
Mar. 5 - 6 Vancouver Art Gallery- Family Fuse (Vancouver, Canada)
Mar. 11 - 20 Coastline Children's Film Festival (South Bend, Michgan, US)^
Mar. 12 Rainier Valley Coop Gala Presentation (Seattle, Wasington, US)^
Mar. 12 Clay-Platte Montessori School Children's Film Festival (Seattle, Wasington, US)^
Mar. 19 - 20 ROSE Theatre (Port Townsend, Washington, US)^
Mar. 19 - 27 Bellingham International Children's Film Festival (Bellingham, Washington, US)^
Mar. 19 - 20 The 6th Montana International Children's Film Festival (Missoula, MT, US)
Mar. 31 - Apr. 2 The 8th River Bend Film Festival (Goshen, Indiana, US)
Apr. 1 - 10 The 18th Sarasota Film Festival (Sarasota, Florida, US)**
Apr. 8 - 15 The 18th Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Apr. 11 - 17 The 9th RINCON International Film Festival (Rincon, Puerto Rico) ^
Apr. 21 -  24 The 16th DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (Washington DC, US)**
Apr. 22 - 23 The 12th Poppy Jasper International Film Festival (Morgan Hill, CA, US)**
Apr. 23 - May 7 The 11th REDCAT International Children's Film Festival (LA, California, US)
Apr. 24 Henry Art Gallery: University of Washington, Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)^
Apr. 28 - 30 The 1st Monterey Bay Art & Film Festival for Youth (Monterey, California, US)^
Jun. 1 - 5 The 14th Santa Cruz Film Festival (Santa Cruz, California, US)**
Jun. 18 Old Greenbelt Theatre (Greenbelt, Maryland, US)^
Jun. 22 Salt Lake Film Society (Salt Lake, Utah, US)^
Jun. 26 Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, Washington, US)^
Jul. 16 Amherst Cinema (Amherst, Massachusetts, US)^
Jul. 23 International House Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US)^
Jul. 23-31 Loft Cinema- Loft Kids Fest (Tuscon, Arizona, US)^
Jul. 29 Hwa-Cheon Nature Media Center (Hwa-Cheon, Kangwon, Korea)
Jul. 30 - Aug. 6 The 25th Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, Massachusetts, US)**
Aug. 20 Icicle Center for the Arts (Leavenworth, Washington, US)^
Aug. 20, 27 & Sep. 3 Nickelodeon Theatre (Columbia, South Carolina, US)^
Sep. 1 - 7 Westchester International Children's Film Festival (Westchester/ Bronx, New York & Connecticut, US)^
Sep. 2 - 4 The 11th Central Florida Film Festival (Orlando, Florida, US)**
Sep. 3 - 4 Old Greenbelt Theatre 'A Labor Day celebration' (Greenbelt, Maryland, US)^
Sep. 8 - 11 The 16th Nevada City Film Festival (Nevada City, California, US)^
Sep. 18 The Best of the Fest: Woods Hole Film Festival (Cotuit, Massachusetts, US) 
Sep. 29 - Oct. 2 The 5th Watsonville Film Festival (Watsonville, California, US)**
Sep. 30 - Oct. 4 Ulju International Mountain Film Festival (Ulju, Korea)
Oct. 6 - 10 The 16th Scottsdale International Film Festival (Scottsdale, Arizona, US)^
Oct. 11 - 16 The 31st Reel Pride Film Festival (Winnepeg, Canada)^
Nov. 1 The Cary Theatre (Cary, North Carolin) ^
Nov. 12 Indiana University Cinema (Bloomington, Indiana, US)^
Dec. 1 - 4 Zoom Family Film Festival at the Wexner Center (Columbus, Ohio, US)^
Dec. 26 -29 The Salt Lake City Film Society (Salt Lake City, Utah)^
Feb. The 4/5 Academy-An Int'l Baccalaureate World School  (Decatur, Georgia) 
Mar. 14 -19 The 23rd San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (San Luis Obispo, California)
  ** Double feature of screening both films, 'Noir' & 'Hansel + Gretel'
Children's Film Festival Seattle -Best of the Fest program tour