Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where, There, Here: list of screenings

-Best of REEL 13 Shorts (New York, USA)

Film Festival / Public Screenings:
-Hampshire Film Festival (Fareham, Hampshire, UK)
-REEL 13 Shorts (New York, NY, US)
-Comic-Con (San Diego, CA, US)
-San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US)
-Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
-Square Lake Film Festival (Stillwater, MN, US)
-Indie AniFest (Seoul, Korea)
-Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, WY, US)
-Seoul Extreme Short Int'l Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
-Flip Animation Festival (Wolverhampton, UK)
-Biennial of Animation Bratislava, Int'l Festival of Animated Films for Children (Bratislava, Slovakia)
-Tindirindis Int'l Animation Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)
-SoDak Animation Festival (Brookings, SD, US)
-Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival (Chicago, IL, US)
-Anymasyros (Hermoupolis, Greece)
-Los Angeles Int'l Children's Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
- Rencontres Internationales du Cinema d’Animation de Wissembourg (Wissembourg, France)
-Seattle Int'l Children's Film Festival (Seattle, WA, US)
-Providence Int'l Children's Film Festival (Providence, RI, US)
-Redcat Int'l Children's Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
-Brussels Children's Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium)
-Wonder Con (SF, CA, US)
-San Francisco Int'l Children's Film Festival (SF, CA, US)
-LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
-Family Festival (Fort Worth, TX, US)
-Seoul Int'l Cartoon and Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)

Friday, April 10, 2009

'WHERE THERE HERE' - Winner of the REEL 13 shorts

After a week's public votes, Soyeon's sand animation, 'WHERE, THERE, HERE' has won the broadcast slot for this week.  The Reel 13 Shorts program airs this Saturday, 9 pm EST, April 11th, 2009, on Thirteen/WNET, PBS New York.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Soyeon's sand animation 'Where There Here'

I made the original footage of this film, using sand within 2 days, a while ago...  It was shot using a video camera on a U-matic tape. I only meant to play with sand, not intending to complete this as an actual film.

Last year, I put the assembly of this movie clips on the website and, to my surprise, I received several requests to screen it in film festivals.  So I brought the footage into a computer, cleaned up the image.  There wasn't much I could do to improve the quality of the imagery, but I was able to fix some glitches.

I am just happy that this film has been shown to public in many places including Asia, Europe & America! The result is surly... way beyond my original expectation on this film!

Where There Here (숨바꼭질)

Technique: Sand animation
Length: 1 min. 30 sec.