Sunday, September 6, 2015

'Hansel + Gretel' & 'Noir' screenings at Indie-AniFest

My short films, and will be screened at the official competition at the 11th Indie-AniFest, Seoul, Korea (Sep. 16~22) I will be attending 19th Sat. & 20th Sun. screenings with Q & A. 
If anyone happens to be at the event, please stop by and say hello!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

'Deep in the Woods'

A new non-narrative experimental film, 'Deep in the Woods' is complete! Here is a poster of the film.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A new experimental film in progress

Here are some sample images of my new experimental short, 'Deep In The Woods'
Expected to be completed in August.
Music by Karen Tanaka, who also collaborated with me on 'Ahco on the Road' in 2013.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A short film, 'Noir'

My new film, 'Noir' is done.
It is now being submitted to film festivals and under consideration for its screening opportunities...

A black crow searches for its identity, trying to escape the perception that it is something other than a beautiful and intelligent bird...

Director/Writer/Designer: Soyeon Kim

Animator: Soyeon Kim, Todd Hemker, & Nicholas Goodman
Interactive designer: Jordan Rodriguez
Puppet builder: Steve Goodman
Cinematographer: Soyeon Kim, & Jordan Rodriguez
Music composer & Sound Mixer: Lanier Sammons
Sound designer: Nicholas Goodman
Compositor & Editor: Todd Hemker
Producer: Soyeon Kim
Production: YELLOWSHED

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Soyeon's new film, 'NOIR'

from YELLOWSHED on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

'Noir' - a list of film festival screenings

Sep. 17 - 22 The 11th Indie-AniFest (Seoul, Korea) **
Nov. 5 - 15 The 24th St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US) **
Nov. 6 - 12 The 15th Kansas International Film Festival (Overland Park, Kansas, US) **
Nov. 6 - 15 The 32nd Olympia Film Festival (Olympia, WA, US) **

** Double feature of screening both films, 'Noir' & 'Hansel + Gretel'

Friday, March 13, 2015

Monterey County Weekly: article on 'Noir' exhibition

Here is an article (and some pictures of installations & descriptions) about my interactive art show and film screening on Jan. 29th, covered by Walter Ryce, Monterey County Weekly.
Click here to read the article.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

'NOIR' Interactive Exhibition & Projection Show

I plan on making a documentation video from the footages of Jan. 29th interactive exhibition & projection show of 'NOIR' project: stay tuned. Here are some pictures from the event.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bird character design for my next film, 'Noir'

Here are sketches of a wooden bird design for a new film: a story about a black bird.
The film will be made using drawn/painted and stop-motion techniques.
Release date is around... 2015 Spring.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A new film, "Hansel + Gretel"

My new film, an abstract visualization of Brothers Grimm's tale, "Hansel + Gretel" is complete!
I hope that you enjoy the film.

from YELLOWSHED on Vimeo.

Monday, November 17, 2014

'Hansel + Gretel' - a list of film festival screenings

Jan. 22 - Feb. 7 Children's Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)
Mar. 26 - Apr. 1  Athens ANIMFEST (Athens, Greece)
May 20 & 22  Pickford Theatre: outreach program (Bellingham, Washington, US)
Jun. 21 - 28 Melbourne International Animation Festival (Melbourne, Australia)
Jul. 9 - 12  Comic-Con: San Diego Children's Film Festival (San Diego, California)
Jul. 26 - 31  Supertoon International Animation Festival (Sibenik, Croatia)
Sep. 17 - 22 Indie-AniFest (Seoul, Korea)
Oct. 8 - 15 Tacoma Film Festival (Tacoma, Washington, US)
Nov. 5 - 15 The 24th St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US)
Nov. 6 - 12 The 15th Kansas International Film Festival (Overland Park, Kansas, US)
Nov. 6 - 15 The 32nd Olympia Film Festival (Olympia, WA, US)
Dec. 1-31 Mumia Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Children's Animation Workshop

I held a puppet-making & animation workshop for children at the Days & Nights Festival, organized by Phillip Glass on Sep. 27th. Here are my initial idea sketches & a few pics from the event. The workshop's theme was 'Art & Science', so we made a few cardboard spaceships for kids to interact with the animated images. Children at the workshop also made paper puppets and animate them to travel the space!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

'Ahco on the Road' won an award!

'Ahco on the Road' won an award for 'Best Short Narrative' in the Monarch Film Festival!

Monday, January 20, 2014

'AHCO ON THE ROAD': a list of screenings

Award: Best Short Narrative - Monarch Film Festival

Aug. 4:  10th San Diego International Children’s Film Festival (San Diego, California, US)
Aug. 10-12:  6th New Orleans International Children’s Film Festival (New Orleans, Louisiana, US)
Sep. 26-30:  9th Indie-AniFest: Korean Independent Animation Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Oct. 2-6:  3rd Days and Nights Festival (Carmel, California, US)
Nov. 14-24:  22nd St. Louis International­ Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US)
Nov. 23-24:  Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Dec. 6-15:  13th Anchorage International Film Festival (Anchorage, Alaska, US)
Dec. 14-15:  LACMA: 9th Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival (Los angeles, California, US)
Dec. 15- Jan. 15:  The Film Skillet Winter 2013/2014 Animation Contest: Finalist

Jan. 23- Feb. 2:  10th Children’s Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)
Jan. 24- Feb. 9: 1st Lisbon Children and Youth Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
Jan. 25-26: 30th USA Film Festival: KidFilm (Dallas, Texas, US)
Jan. 30- Feb. 9: 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (Santa Barbara, California, US)
Feb. 1-9:  36th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Feb. 13-23: 5th Providence Children Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island, US)
Feb. 18-23: 36th Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, Illinois, US)
Feb. 20-23: Animac: Mostra Internacional de Cinema d'Animacio de Catalunya (Lleida, Spain)
Feb. 22-23: 16th BAMKids International Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York, US)
Mar. 6-30:  16th  Mecal International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) 
Mar. 9-14:  18th  Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages (Winnipeg, Canada)
Apr. 4-11:  16th Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Apr. 10:  Honolulu Museum of Art (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)
Apr. 18-20: Comic-Con International: Children's Film Festival (San Diego, California, US)
May 12-18: 5th Golden Kuker-Sofia International Children's Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria)
May 27-31: 7th Tissa Short Film Festival (Tissa, Morroco)
Jun. 1-9: 16th Mo & Friese Hamburg Children's Short Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany)
Jun. 6-7: 10th Blue Plum Animation Festival (Johnson City, Tennessee, US) 
Jun. 18-22: 7th International Animation Festival Fest Anca (Zilina, Slovakia)
Jul. 1-31: 9th California Animation Festival (Central California Broadcasting event, US)
Jul. 22-29: 20th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Jul. 27- Aug. 1: 4th Supertoon Animation Festival (Zagreb, Croatia)
Jul. 29- Aug. 3: 10th Traverse City Film Festival (Traverse City, MI, US)
Aug. 22-24: 15th Sacramento Film & Music Festival (Sacramento, CA, US)
Oct. 2-5: 7th Animasyros Int'l Animation Festival + Forum (Syros Island, Greece)
Oct. 2-12: 37th Mill Valley Film Festival (Mill Valley/San Rafael, CA, US)
Oct. 3-12: 9th Anim'est Int'l Animation Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania)
Oct. 15-19: 6th Carmel Int'l Film Festival (Carmel, CA, US)
Oct. 23-28: 7th Banjaluka Int'l Animated Film Festova; (Banjaluka, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Nov. 6-15: 14th San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US)
Nov. 8-23: Animatic: Muestra De Cine De Animacion (Pamplona, Spain)
Nov. 18-23: Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
Dec. 2-9: Bogota Short Film Festival (Bogota, Columbia)
Dec. 10-11: Monarch Film Festival (Pacific Grove, CA, US)
All year around:  5th WorldKids International Film Festival (Mumbai, India)
All year around: PUCK cinema (traveling cities in Spain)
All year around: Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation (traveling cities in US)

Jan. 13-15: REELKids Film Festival (Peterborough, Canada)
Jan. 16-25: Black Movie: Geneva International Independent Film Festival (Geneva, Switzerland)
Feb. 7-8: 6th Int'l Kinder Film Festival (Miyagi, Japan)
Feb. 27-28: Anymasyros Touring Festival (Greece)
Mar. 11-15: Regard Festival International Du Film Court (Quebec, Canada)
Mar. 25: Monterey Museum of Art (Monterey, CA, US)
Mar. 26-Apr. 1: Athens ANIMFEST (Athens, Greece)
Apr. 14-19: 27th FilmFest Dresden International Short Film Festival (Dresden, Germany)
Apr. 12th Int'l Children's Film Festival/ Manisa-Usak (Istanbul, Turkey)
May 7-14: Green Film Festival in Seoul (Seoul, Korea)
May 29 -Jun. 4: 55th Zlin Film Festival (Zlin, Czech Republic)
Jun. 27: Shastaland Children's Film Festival (Redding, CA, US)
Jul. 16-Aug.4: Fantasia International Film Festival (Quebec, Canada)
Sep. 11 -13 IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival (Malmo, Sweden)
Sep. 24 - 27 Festival de cinema des gens d'ici (Val d'Or, Canada)
Dec. 1 - 31: 13th Mumia Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Ahco On The Road" online launch!

Soyeon's short film, 'Ahco On The Road' is now online:

Ahco On The Road from YELLOWSHED on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ahco Production 5: More Backgrounds

 Sc 027 Chase after the butterfly (2013)

 Sc 071 Dawn before sunrise (2011)

Sc 110 Running through the woods (2013)

Ahco Production 4: Background sketch vs Final

Samples of background sketch/layout and final render

Sc 041 Walking through the woods 

Sc 073 Sunrise

Sc 088 Under the water

2001 ~ 2010 Long Hibernation (woke up a few times...)

So there was a huge gap in the production between 2001 and 2010.
I finished the animation & clean up, planning to finish the film as a minimal pencil lined drawn animation in 2001. After completing the film according to that plan..., I realized that it was missing a lot of visual explorations that I originally planned for. So I decided Not to call it done, and continued to develop the new art direction..., expecting to delay the production about a year... well, who knew that would end up stretching to over 10 years...

Now looking back, I would have been happy to leave the look the way it was with just simple lines and hints of tones and shades here and there..., but I thought that I had to keep trying to find 'the look' that I was looking for. I am honestly not sure what would have been the wiser choice. I was young... I had to try if I wasn't completely satisfied with the film. (r...ight?)

Unfortunately (& very fortunately), my professional career had kept me quite busy since then. I had a full-time teaching job (4 classes per quarter, 4 quarters a year), AND almost full-time regular freelance jobs on the side from 2001 to 2007. Happy complaints...! But when I had the commitments to others, of course my project got pushed down to the bottom of my priority list. After having wonderful years getting good experience in the commercial studios and teaching in MN, Todd & I moved from Minneapolis back to LA in 2007. Settled in LA, studio projects had kept me busy (most of time, I worked double shifts on projects, while I taught at Calarts & CSULB part-time, so my schedule wasn't that different from my previous years.

During these years, it was very hard to find time for my film. (few weeks every other year, or if I got lucky, a few months every 3 years or so. I remember working on the animation fixes on 2003 & 2006, then picking up again in 2010 (production on hold on other years).

Then bad economy crisis hit Hollywood too.  Things had dried up pretty badly for me in 2010, and I didn't have much 'paid-projects' to work on. Good & Bad: Bad for the obvious reasons, and Good... I could finally get back to the 'Ahco'.

So here we go again...
The samples from the next posting (above) are made after waking up from my long hibernation... in 2010.
The production was still slow, since I had day-jobs, and I was mostly using nights and weekends, but my mind was set to complete the film this time around, no more holds.

Ahco cleaning day

Today, I finally took the 'courage' to go over to the garage, and cleaned up thousands of Ahco drawings (layouts, keys, roughs, in-betweens, clean-ups, & notes...) I saved several shots just as souvenir, but after carrying them around for 15 years, I think that it's time to let them go.

I trashed most of the roughs several years ago, so I think that I had almost twice more folders and papers for Ahco than what appears in the pic below.

They are all packed up nicely for the recycle bin. Perhaps they will come back as nice clean papers for my next project. Until then, thanks guys for the wonderful memories...

Ahco Production 3: Inbetweens

Here are selected samples of animated in-betweens (2000)

Sc 047 Mookey Flip: inbetween order: clockwise

Sc 103 Croco Fights: inbetween order: left to right

Ahco Production 2: Keys

Samples of Key frames (2000)

Keys for Sc 83 & 85 - Mom looking for Ahco

Key layout for Sc104

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ahco Production 1. Layout Samples

A few sample layouts from 1999
It was based on 4:3 SD format, back~ then.

Sc.01 Opening layout

Sc. 53 Mookey swinging layout

Sc. 83 Mom searching for Ahco shot layout

Ahco Production Bonus: Deleted Scenes - 'Snake' layouts

Here are some samples of layouts from 'Snake' sequence.
It was designed to be purely based on visual tricks & plays (transforming, metamorphosis, and other magical transitions...)

Ahco Development 10: Layout, Background, & Final render images

Layout (1999)

Background (2010)

Final render (2013)

Ahco Development 9: Style Frame - Drawn animation with watercolor backgrounds

I've tried several other techniques: each technique had its pros and cons...
I wanted the elephant character to have very subtle & minimal movements, while lemur & crocodile to have very active and dynamic ones...
So after years of numerous tests... I decided to go with the Drawn technique, where I had the full control over... how to make them move: rigid vs flexible, slow vs fast, etc...

Here are 2001's style frames.  There were more art direction/ design tests after the technique was finally chosen, however, these ended up being closest to its final art direction. (check the next posting for it's final look!)

Ahco Development 8: Style Frame - Graphic woodcut

So the animation technique was set to Drawn technique, yet I wanted to explore more art styles: color schemes, coloring methods, and textures etc... I always wanted to apply woodcut look to the film, (and with Todd's suggestion) so I tried a digital mock-up for the test.