Friday, May 1, 2009

a Short Film, 'Transparent Movement' 2009

One minute experimental animation, 'Transparent Movement'.

After having spent most time working on studio projects for the clients for years (which I enjoy..., but it's definitely different from doing my own), I wanted to perk up my nerves on my 'experimental' side of brain.
The footage was made based on two dancers moving behind the screen (back-lid). It was shot on video, then I printed out selected frames. I created various shapes and images by adding drawings or paintings on top, cutting out shapes and re-composing them in layers, then re-exposed them under the down-shooter camera. Images were also multiplied and/or rearranged in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.
Music was composed by my multi-talented friend, Tim Samoff, who was actually my classmate from animation program at Calarts.

This film has been selected for Int'l Film Festivals, and am really excited and looking forward to showing it to the public!