Monday, February 2, 2009

Disney's 'Toy Story Musical' 2008

I worked as a video artist on Disney's "Toy Story-The Musical", theatrical musical show that had its debut in Disney's Cruise Line in Florida, back in 2008 Spring. 
I went on cruise for rehearsal, but haven't actually seen the final show yet. I was told that the show has been so successful and  will also launch in Disneyland. Yeah!
You can see the show video footage via youtube. (link to part 1 out of total 7 parts)
It is not probably as exciting as what you can experience in the theatre, but hopefully I get to see the real show soon in LA.
The set was amazing: many shots were based on toys' point of view, so all objects in the room are in gigantic scale... I had a lot of fun looking at the set and how things are integrated among each others as well as with actors/actresses.

Video was used in two projection screens: front & rear.
It is used as set backdrop images, for camera panning in scenery changes, and transitions among shots...
Video animation production was done in Duck studio.
3D artist created elements that match the art direction of the original Toy Story movie, and video was composited in After Effects for the set to be integrated with actors and stage props.
It was very fun to see how flat video images on two layers of screen can create so much depth on the stage.